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Company object:

1. Discharging and cleaning of sewage plants PKD 37.00.Z
2. Water, sewage, heating, gas and air conditioning installations PKD 43.22.Z
3. Pipeline transportation of other goods PKD 49.50.B
4. Engineering activities and related technical consultancy services PKD 71.12.Z
5. Other specialized construction works nec PKD 43.99.Z
6. Works related to the construction of other civil engineering objects, not classified elsewhere. PKD 42.99.Z
7. Other technical studies and analyzes PKD 71.20.B
Collection of non-hazardous waste PKD 38.11.Z
Collection of hazardous waste PKD 38.12.Z
10. Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste PKD 38.21.Z
11. Processing and disposing of hazardous waste PKD 38.22.Z
12. Activities related to reclamation and other services related to the management of waste PKD 39.00.Z
13. Road transport of goods PKD 49.41.Z
14. Activities supporting land transport PKD 52.21.Z
15. Other business and management consultancy services PKD 70.22.Z
16. Legal activity PKD 69.10.Z
17. Accounting and bookkeeping activities; tax consultancy PKD 69.20.Z
18. Processing of data; web hosting (hosting) and similar activity PKD 63.11.Z
19. Electricity generation PKD 35.11.Z
20. Distribution of electricity PKD 35.13.Z
21. Trade in electricity PKD 35.14.Z
22. Electrical installation PKD 43.21.Z
23. Distribution of gaseous fuels in the network system PKD 35.22.Z
24. Transport by gas pipelines PKD 49.50.A
25. Manufacture of gas fuels PKD 35.21.Z
26. Trading in gas fuels in the network system PKD 35.23.Z
27. Production and supply of steam, hot water and air for air conditioning systems PKD 35.30.Z
28. Works connected with the construction of transmission pipelines and distribution networks PKD 42.21.Z
29. Works connected with the construction of telecommunications and power lines PKD 42.22.Z
30. Construction work on residential and non-residential buildings PKD 41.20.Z
31. Plastering PKD 43.31.Z
32. Installation of construction woodwork PKD 43.32.Z
33. Walling, wallpapering and counting of walls PKD 43.33.Z
34. Painting and glazing PKD 43.34.Z
35. Other construction and finishing works PKD 43.49.Z
36. Construction and roofing. PKD 43.91.Z
37. Mining and drilling geological-engineering work PKD 43.13.Z
38. Works connected with the construction of water projects PKD 42.91.Z
39. Demolition and demolition of buildings PKD 43.11.Z
40. Preparation of sites for the construction of PKD 43.12.Z
41. Execution of other construction works PKD 43.29.Z
42. Storage and storage of other goods PKD 52.10.B
43. Rental and management of own or leased real estate PKD 68.20.Z
44. Real estate management performed on the order of PKD 68.32.Z
45. Cultivation of perennial plants PKD 01.29.Z
46. Activities supporting PKD education 85.60.Z
47. Collection, treatment and supply of water PKD 36.00.Z<